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“Dark Girls” to Premiere at the International Black Film Festival of Nashville

October 6, 2011ivyNewsComments Off on “Dark Girls” to Premiere at the International Black Film Festival of Nashville


Nashville, Tenn. – (October 6, 2011) – One of the most talked about documentaries of the year, “Dark Girls,” produced and directed by actor/director Bill Duke and producer D. Channsin Berry has deservingly claimed the closing night film position at the International Black Film Festival of Nashville, Saturday, October 8, 7 p.m. at Fisk University.

“Dark Girls” explores the deep-seated biases and attitudes about skin color and hatreds of racism – particularly dark skinned women – outside of and within the Black American culture. Journeying back to the days of American slavery when dark-skinned Blacks were made to suffer even greater indignities than their lighter skinned counterparts, the documentary examines issues from historical, sociological, and psychological points of view along with perspectives on personal responsibility and healing.

“The issue of skin tone in the Black community has haunted our culture for many decades. As a festival hosted in a Southern state, a region where many of these biases were spread, the IBFFN is pleased to be an advocate in bringing this topic full circle. This film exposes a topic of discussion that all people of color need to have for once and so we can eradicate it,” said Hazel Joyner-Smith, founder and CEO of IBFFN.

Duke and Berry took their cameras into everyday America in search of pointed, unfiltered and penetrating interviews with Black women of the darkest hues to capture this emotional expose’. Dark-skinned Black American women from all walks of life will be covered with a tightly trained lens focused on women struggling for upward mobility in the workplace of Corporate America.

“This film will promote discussions as to how society treats women of a darker hue, how some women have been shunned, persecuted and mistreated throughout history in and outside of America. Our goal is to address this issues and help eliminate their pain and help build self esteem,” said producer D. Channsin Berry.

Duke adds, “In the late `60s a famous psychological study was done in which a young Black girl was presented with a set of dolls. Every time the she was asked to point to the one that wasn’t pretty, not smart, etc., she pointed to the Black doll that looked just like her. In her mind, she was already indoctrinated. To watch her do that was heartbreaking and infuriating. CNN did the test again recently – decades later – with little progress.”

Additional interviewees for “Dark Girls” include White men in loving intimate relationships with Black women that were passed over by “their own men,” as well as dark-skinned women of Latin and Panamanian background to bring a world perspective to the issue of dark vs. light.

Duke and Berry will be attending this year’s festival and will host a Q&A session immediately following the film. To purchase tickets for this screening during the 2011 International Black Film Festival of Nashville, visit

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