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Feature Film “The Perfect Gift” Makes U.S. Premiere; Nashville Director Alvin Moore and Actress Golden Brooks Hosts Q&A Session

October 6, 2011ivyPress ReleasesComments Off on Feature Film “The Perfect Gift” Makes U.S. Premiere; Nashville Director Alvin Moore and Actress Golden Brooks Hosts Q&A Session


The International Black Film Festival of Nashville, (IBFFN) will screen this year’s special feature film on Saturday, October 8th at Fisk University at 5 p.m. (CST). “The Perfect Gift” directed and produced by Alvin Moore Jr., a 26 year-old entrepreneur will have a huge draw for the residents of Nashville because they have a connection with Moore – his production company is based in Nashville, TN.

“The Perfect Gift” captures the tale of how the holidays are a joyous and festive time of year when families come together, reflect, and enjoy each other’s presence; yet, money and gifts minus communication equals lesson learned. Michael Harris is an average 35 year old man who comes from very humble beginnings but has temporarily lost sight of the important things in life. His faithful girlfriend, Sandra, caters to and supports him, but he feels intimidated by their difference in backgrounds as Sandra graduated from college and he barely got a high school diploma. Despite his love for her, he doesn’t believe that he measures up to the man that her parents feel she deserves.

As a result, Michael struggles to deal with this and painful losses from his past that he’s reminded of whenever Christmas rolls. He also fails to invest as much time into their 12 year old daughter, Katie, as he should. Michael does love and care for Katie, but he expresses it in a monetary way by buying her whatever she wants and by always making sure that she has lots of gifts at Christmas. Michael has an epiphany when his parents and Sandra’s parents, who do not get along, come in to town unannounced just before Christmas. This unforeseen, chaotic situation ends up bringing resolve for Michael as he observes, listens to and makes sense of all the madness. He learns and gains a renewed appreciation for his family as he begins to realize that of all the many gifts he has ever given to his daughter and girlfriend that, he, himself, to each of them is the perfect gift.

Moore wrote, directed, starred in as well as wrote and produced the soundtrack for his latest stage play. Brooks has confirmed that she will be present for the screening during the festival and is available for media interviews while in Nashville. “I’m humbled by the support that I’m receiving as I embark on my latest project. We were able to shoot this film in a week and fans and supporters can purchase the DVD as early as November. You will also get an opportunity to see the film on BET so stay tuned for that as well,” he said.

Moore’s first two projects, “A Mother’s Prayer” and “When The Lights Go Out”, have very successful statistics. He captured nearly a half a million viewers on Black Entertainment Television, (BET). Moore’s films have also taken the top position in DVD sales in Target and Wal-Mart stores across the country for One Village Entertainment.

IBFFN Co-founder Ingrid Brown says Moore is considered an ambassador of the organization because of his hard work and determination as an emerging filmmaker. “Alvin receives a lot of support from the community because of his quality films. This is not the first screening he has had at the festival. We have also screened “A Mother’s Prayer” He is an up and coming star in the industry and we are happy that he supports the festival.”

The Image Entertainment, (Chatsworth, CA) and Swirl Films, (Wilmington, NC) created a top caliber group of actors to be apart of the film. R&B crooner Ruben Studdard (Season 2 Winner of American Idol), TV & Film Actress Golden Brooks (Girlfriends), TV & Film Actor Darius McCrary (Family Matters, 35 & Ticking), Comedian and Actor Chris Spencer (Jamie Foxx Show and BET TV show Let’s Stay Together), Clifton Powell (35 & Ticking, The Mentalist), Buddy Lewis( That’s So Raven and Black Dynamite) and local actors Debbie Powell, Maurice Bullard, and starring Alvin Moore, Jr. himself as his signature character “Gramps” (A Mother’s Prayer, When The Lights Go Out).

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