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International Black Film Festival of Nashville

The International Black Film Festival
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The International Black Film Festival of Nashville is expanding the festival experience by kicking off its inaugural “online” film festival. Advances in digital media allow audiences to connect despite the miles that separate them. Audiences from across the globe will now be able to experience independent films right here on the IBFFN website,, via smart phones, tablets, mobile devices or computers.

Plan to join us for IBFFN Online, December 13-16, 2012.  A playlist of awesome films will be available for 24 hours starting each day at 10:00 am CST and ending the following morning at 10:00 a.m. CST.  Viewers will be able purchase access via the IBFFN website starting on December 13, 2012 for just $8.00 per day.” IBFFN Online … “Press play…. where ever you are”!  

Check out the line up below.



The Official Selections of the 2012 Online International Black Film Festival Nashville are…

20 Years Later

– Directed By Ulrich Que ( Short, Drama, 11 Min, PG13, USA). A combative, immature teen struggles to overcome the biggest obstacle in his life when he realizes the path he’s on guarantees he’ll become a manic-depressive, miserable actor who bails out of life through suicide.


– Directed By Solomon Onita (Short, Drama, 13 Min, PG13, USA). Two brothers, orphans, lovingly rely on each other for support and the bond of family. Then one day, Matthew hears a rumor about his little brother, Nathaniel that suggests something unexpected about his sexuality. Ultimately, Matthew is faced with the choice of either accepting Nathaniel for who he is or breaking the bond of their relationship forever. Betrayal, abandonment, sexuality and forgiveness are just some of the issues this powerful film addresses.

The Becoming Box

– Directed By Monique Walton (Short, Sci-Fi, 16 Min, G-Rated, USA). The Becoming Box is a sci-fi short film that follows a family of three siblings dealing with the appearance of a mysterious box in their backyard in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. One sister’s pursuit of the truth about the box will facilitate a paradigm shift that will change their world forever. Inspired by Octavia Butler, the Becoming Box deals with recovery, rebirth, and reinvention.

The Custom Mary

– Directed By Matt Dunnerstick (Feature, Drama, 1hr 30 Min, PG13, USA). This is a tale about low-riders and the cloning of Jesus. It takes place in the warehouses, rivers, storefronts, and deserts of today’s Los Angeles. Two preachers and their scientist partners manage to obtain a relic of Christ’s blood. They plan to use that blood to make Jesus come again, literally, as a clone. They just need a woman to be the host.

Docket 32357

– Directed By Randy L. Wilkins (Short, Drama, 14 Min, G-Rated, USA). An estranged wife and a grieving mother discover an awful truth in a courtroom hallway.

Englewood: The Growing Pains in Chicago

– Directed By William Cochran (Feature, Drama, 1hr 33 Min, PG13, USA). Englewood examines the lives of three young men, united by the desire to survive their senior year of high school, but divided by their ways of life.

Into Forgetfulness

– Directed By Doug McMains (Short, Drama, 11 Min, G-rated, USA). On the evening of July 17, 1944, residents in the San Francisco east bay area were jolted awake by a massive explosion that cracked windows and lit up the night sky. At Port Chicago Naval Magazine, 320 men were instantly killed when two ships being loaded with ammunition for the Pacific theater troops blew up. This was WWII’s worst home front disaster.

Keeper of the Flame

– Directed By Brian Nelson (Short, Drama,  30 Min, G-Rated, USA). In hurricane-ravished New Orleans, the enigmatic Mardi Gras Indian culture serves as a pillar in the community and a symbol of strength in the midst of adversity. When the Big Chief of a prominent Indian tribe dies unexpectedly, he passes the leadership of the tribe on to an unlikely candidate: his young grandson Michael, who has the heart of a warrior but the appearance of a sheep. Unhappy with his father’s decision to pass him up for the younger Michael, Michael’s uncle Tré forms his own tribe and challenges Michael’s position as a Chief and his role as a man in general. In this coming-of-age story, a young boy must decide how important it is to keep the flame of his ancestors burning and whether he is willing to do what it takes to show that he is worthy of his calling.

Last Call

– Directed By Anthony Salerno (Short, Drama, 15 Min, PG13, USA). ‘Last Call’ is the story of two men out of place and out of options. When the debt on Ernie’s bar runs unpaid for too long, his good friend Benny is sent to collect. Old regrets meet old debts… and one man’s fresh start is one man’s last call.

Last/First Kiss

– Directed By Andrea Ashton (Short, Dramedy, 16 Min, G-Rated, Bermuda). Two strangers meet-she, on the eve of her marriage to the one man she has ever been intimate with; he a smooth talking charmer with an electric smile. As the words fly, fast, so too do the sparks, and soon only one question remains unanswered.

Mirror 21

– Directed By Rachel Byrd (Short, Drama, 12 Min, G-Rated, USA). Trapped away from the world, a young woman grows up in complete and utter isolation. She plays and hums and enjoys the only life she’s ever known, free from materialism, standards, or judgment. Her world is perfect, full of entertainment and fulfillment until the day that calls everything she knows into question: her transition into womanhood, the rite of passage. On her twenty-first birthday, this main character is drawn out of her protective, self-sufficient life and forced to spend a day in the intriguing and overwhelming ‘real world.’ A single, painful experience causes her to re-evaluate her life as well as her very existence, acting as the catalyst for the long and arduous journey of learning to love one’s self unconditionally.


– Directed By Cheryl Halpern & Mitchell Stuart (Short Doc, Drama, 25 Min, G-Rated, USA). Natsanat’ (freedom) documents the heroic stories of young female freedom fighters in Ethiopia during the 20th century. These women left their families and homes to join the struggle to bring freedom, peace and democracy to their country. They serve as role models for leadership and courage for women.

Our World War 2 Fathers

– Directed By Leslie Easter (Doc Short, Drama, 34 Min, G-Rated, USA). Our WWII Fathers’ Documentary. Subtitled ‘ Defeating Fascism and the beginning of the end of Segregation in the U.S. Military.’ Is a story of two related fathers, Holly Easter and Frederick Drew from different races honored in Washington DC for service during WWII. Both served in Pacific. The story is wrapped around interviews with the fathers and the trip to Washington. The documentary covers winning the war, racism, and is supported by music from Josh White and Woody Guthrie. A historical reflection of how the country and military changed in race relations to present day. Excellent historical perspective that impacts race relations in America today.


– Directed By Dion Strowhorn and Susan Strowhorn (Short, Drama, 20 Min, PG13, USA). A loving outgoing couple who are on the eve of their seven year wedding anniversary must suddenly deal with an incident from the past.

Rocket Dogs – No Limits

– Directed By Vando Rogers & Rod Putnam (Documentary, Drama, 1hr 22 Min, G-Rated, USA). The film follows the Fisk University Rocket Team as they build and test launch their rockets in an attempt to win a NASA competition.

Rwanda-17: Healing A Nation

– Directed By Claudio von Planta and Sorious Samura (Documentary, Drama, 1hr 3 Min, G-Rated, UK). Rwanda-17 captures the story of rising Rwandan football stars who qualified to compete at the 2011 Under-17 World Cup in Mexico. Born just after the 1994 genocide, they represent a new generation who show how determination and uncompromising team spirit lead to success that can inspire a nation to reconcile and recover from a murderous past.

Who is Wright

– Directed By Mike Mo (Doc Short, Drama, 25 Min, G-Rated, USA). Step into the daily struggle of Julius, a young beat and rap artist from South Philadelphia who fights to keep his dream alive in spite of difficult family dilemmas. Who is Wright  asks us how far we can go to follow our dreams, to grow from our past and leave it where it belongs. It tells the story of sacrifice and believing in yourself against the longest odds. Ultimately, Julius reminds us that it is possible to take pain and turn it into love; that we all start with our two hands and whatever is in front of us, and with some courage, that may be all we need.

A Dream Deferred

– Directed By Alex Muñoz (Doc Short, Drama, USA). This is a short documentary about the Derrick Rose’s heartbreaking injury in Game One of the NBA playoffs. The Bulls seemed to be on their way to a clear victory over the Sixers until the unthinkable happened.


– Directed By BJ Winfrey (Doc Short, Drama, USA). Mona calls her friend Leilah asking her to pick up odd items from the store and to come over as fast as she can. Leilah, caught off guard by the urgency in Mona’s voice, grabs the items and hurries over. Leilah arrives panicked to find a calm but saddened Mona. Something has happened. The conversation
they have will change both their lives forever…


– Directed By Sarah Kazadi (Doc Short, Drama, USA). ELIKYA is a voyage from a run-down basketball court in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to the sunny, palm-tree lined roads of southern Arizona. Viewers embark on a dream chase, following 16-year-old Losmie
Lutaya’s quest to use basketball as a ticket to a better life. This film peers into what it’s like to be a young woman living in the poverty-stricken “Rape Capital of the World,” and dealing with the whirlwind of obstacles that entails. Losmie has found refuge in
basketball and is banking on it to make her dreams a reality. She wants to follow in the footsteps of her former teammates, who are adjusting to their new homes, 7,000 miles away from home. Ultimately, ELIKYA is a story about making it, overcoming obstacles and helping to
bring positive change to your country.

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