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September 30, 2011ivyUncategorizedComments Off on OBAMA’S IRISH ROOTS


DATE: THURSDAY, OCT. 6, 2011   TIME: 7:00PM-9:00pm   LOCATION: AT&T/ AUDITORIUM #1  Click to purchase tickets now

Award winning Director, Producer and Screenwriter, Gabriel Murray, found President Barak Obama’s ancestral tomb in March 2010. The film takes us on a journey that explains the little known bloodline of United States President Barak Obama. The 44th American President has direct descendants in Ireland, from the Kearney family in Offaly, Dublin and Kilkenny. On May 23, 2011 President Obama visited Ireland 220 years after his first ancestor Thomas Kearney had immigrated to America. The film captures President Obama’s lost roots, in what he has described as part of “the patchwork of his family’s history.”

This is a film documentary which captures a story of a multicultural union between the Irish and black community. The documentary was filmed in Ireland and America, tracing the 7,500-mile journey and the extraordinary history of a family struggle through many generations. There are interviews with Obama’s lost relatives both in Ireland and the USA, uncovering the fate of a family that had to battle to survive.

Since 1972, no American presidential candidate has won the popular vote without also winning the Catholic Irish vote. To date there have been 29 Irish American Presidents within US history. In total there are 44 million Irish Americans, which make up 14.5% of the population. President Barak Obama’s visit to Ireland has activated a powerful connection between his family’s Irish roots and the Irish American population. President Kennedy was voted in as US President based on the Irish vote. It is known to many as the ‘swing vote’ .

Click here to view the trailer.

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